Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Travel day to New Hampshire

Our trip to New Hampshire could have been done in two hours but what fun would that have been? We enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vermont through a very dirty windshield.

Traveling a little out of our way, our first stop was King Arthur Flour. It was fun to shop but we didn't buy much - the Jeep doesn't have too much extra space and I was planning for the next stop. 
King Arthur Flour

We saw the bakers making bread and other goodies - the place smells fantastic! 
One of the kitchens right after the bakers left for lunch
It would be so fun to take a class in this classroom.
King Arthur Flour classroom
We enjoyed a very good lunch in their Cafe! The only problem is that we didn't have room for dessert and the baked goods looked so good.
A huge BLT with one bite gone. A half sandwich would have been too much for me!
Ray's pulled pork also with a bite or two gone!

Some pretty good root beer.
We exchanged the Green Mountains for the White Mountains and found that New Hampshire is also quite pretty through a very dirty windshield. 

Traveling a  little more out of our way, we stopped at Keepsake Quilting. I've received their catalogs and emails for years so it was fun to actually stop by. Yes, I did a little shopping with the rational that fabric can just be shoved in the crevices between luggage! 

This is for the back of a quilt - a great find in the sale area. It is pure white, red, and black.

Ray looked at the wall of neutrals today and said "Wow - wouldn't that make a great quilt?". So these 6 neutrals are for a low volume quilt in the future - I just started collecting the fabrics today although I know I have some at home.

These last two pieces are for my stash. I've never seen the stripe before and really like it. I think the color is a little off in the photo - the green in the stripe is a lime green.

We stopped at Patternworks which is right next door to Keepsake Quilting. The yarn was gorgeous but I didn't have a pattern in mind so I just enjoyed looking and touching.
Patternworks is the building just to the right of Keepsake Quilting
After a little backtracking and a little more driving, we arrived in Bethlehem, NH. This airbnb rental is not going to make our top 10 list but it will be fine.

We are headed to Franconia Notch this morning before the rain begins.


  1. Looks like you are stopping at some of my favorite places to visit. I was just at Keepsake the first saturday in May. Enjoy the notches, and while in our state you have probably heard the warnings to be careful of the moose and deer, especially in Lancaster. We had 3 accidents within 3 hours of each other in NH with moose/deer, as they must be on the move. I think the state police posted that warning just on Sunday or Monday.

  2. Make sure to hit the Kangamangus Highway! It is gorgeous and there will be lots of great photo ops. Enjoy your time in the mountains... even though they are the white ones now!

  3. I can't imagine not stopping in at Keepsake Quilting since you were "in the neighborhood". ;-)



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