Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Won't be long now!

We are in Wytheville, Virginia tonight. Would you believe that we had to go out to dinner? When we checked in, we asked if they had a meal and the desk clerk said just fantastic cookies and coffee. They are talking about doing evening meals but not yet. Then he told us that the Fairfield Inn, which is next door, has a meal on Wednesday nights. Ohhhh, it was so tempting to go back out the door - especially since we decided the Hampton was a better possibility than the Fairfield!

It's been another great day. We got on the road after most of the fog had lifted this morning. We spent some time at the Capitol Market in Charleston, West Virginia. There were lots of fresh vegetables, flowers, pumpkins, gourds, meats, seafood,... Yes, we took time to stop and smell the flowers again - today it was mums. 

Ray found this car that he thought we should buy! That brick building in the background is part of the market also.

Couldn't believe the price of the apples. Our Honeycrisps are more than twice this much!

Our only purchase was a near perfect tomato - it was "grown in dirt". When we later ate it with our lunch, we decided that it was the best tomato we've had this year! 

Next, we headed for Little Creek Park in South Charleston. It is a beautiful park with interesting things like a Soap Box Derby Track! This "track is recognized as the country's premier soap box derby racing facility" and has a number of races including a "qualifying race for the world Championship in Akron". 
Soap Box Derby track looking toward the beginning
Driving through this large park was fun and we eventually stopped at a shelter to have lunch - another picnic!

Tonight we are resting - tomorrow is a BIG day. We will arrive at our son's home and get to spend time with him, his wife, and 5 of our wonderful grandchildren. We are close - it won't be long now! Life is so good!

I might be missing from here for a while - I plan to be busy! I hope to return to blogging sometime next week.


  1. You had to buy your own dinner? What's up with that? Ha!

    I'm still amazed that there are motels/hotels out there that serve dinner as part of the room rate! When we go back to Hilton Head next spring, we'll have to see if there are any hotels along the way that offer dinner. ;-)

  2. At least you didn't have to cook. Tell Ray that that car won't hold enough sewing stuff, or luggage. Cute tho.

  3. Hope you have good weather while you are visiting with your son & his family. Have lots of fun and enjoy yourselves!

  4. I paid $2.68 for honeycrisp apples yesterday - only bought 3 and won't be buying more! blessings, marlene



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