Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UVA and more...

Ray and I were up early - Ray wanted to photograph the lunar eclipse. We checked out of our motel, the English Inn early and met our friend Yoshi for breakfast. We ate at Bodos Bagels - so good! 

Next we had a tour of the University of Virginia (UVA) campus. Yoshi arranged this for us and also went along. It was so much fun and we learned lots! It was another gorgeous day and that campus is so pretty - it has a lot of green space and gardens. I think it's about time I read more about Thomas Jefferson - he was pretty amazing! UVA was just one more of his great visions that came to be!

After leaving the campus, we headed north and we had a picnic lunch, of course! We spent some time traveling with the MetLife blimp this afternoon! My pictures, through the windshield just didn't turn out ;(

We arrived in Lancaster County, PA at our B&B about dinner time and decided to eat in. We are both tired and we need to rest up for tomorrow - there are over 100 quilt shops in the area! Oh it's going to be another FUN day!


  1. Did ray get some good photos of the moon? The stars were more beautiful than I've ever seen. I got up early too, for a change.

  2. Hope you have lots of fun in all the quilt shops!

  3. Lancaster, PA? Wow! I'd love to visit there ... all those quilt shops to visit! Wow!

    And I didn't know that UVA was a vision of Jefferson's ... interesting.



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