Monday, October 13, 2014


Yes, we are home! 

We left Champaign around 3:30pm and drove in rain most of the way. About 1 1/2 hours north of Champaign, the tornado warnings for Champaign came through on our phones. Ugh! So glad we had left. We haven't heard any reports so I hope there wasn't damage.

Tomorrow - we need to unpack, we need to get groceries, we need to get the mail and deal with it and we (Ray) may need to do a little work outside with the lawn. Sure am glad I worked for a while this AM at the motel! I also had plenty of time to knit! By this time tomorrow we should be back in the groove!

Tonight we will sleep in our own bed. I know I'll sleep well!


  1. It's always so good to get home! So glad to hear that you are home safely.

  2. As enjoyable as it is to travel, it's always good to get home.

    We had tornado warnings here ... thankfully no damage reported.

  3. Welcome home. We got back late Sunday night.

  4. Happy I missed the rain leaving Illinois in the morning on Monday. Glad you are back!!



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