Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We are in Charlottesville, VA

We had a great time with our son, Brad, and his family.
Ray took some great pictures - I took this one!
We left there on Monday morning and headed to Durham. On the way we shopped at an outlet mall. Then we had a picnic lunch at West Point on the Eno in Durham. It's a neat park with an old mill.
from West Point on the Eno website
Then we met our friend Amy. Eventually the girls came home from school, did a little homework and a couple had piano lessons. We all went out to eat at Chipotles - the meat on my salad was a little spicy and it didn't help that I added some spicy dressing. A great salad! It wasn't long before my mouth was on fire so we all walked around the corner for Baskin Robbins ice cream. It was a great time EXCEPT we forgot to take any pictures. Oh, I hate when that happens!

This morning we headed to Charlottesville. It was a beautiful drive. We tried to stop at a park in Lynchburg but the GPS took us to a machine shed in an ally so we scrapped that idea! Guess we should have found Riverside Park - we hear that is a great park. Anyway, we found a park when we got to Charlottesville and had a nice picnic.

Late this afternoon we met Yoshi, a friend that is a chaplain at the University of Virginia. We had a great tour of the hospital and a nice visit. We also had a delicious dinner at Fry's Spring Station

We are getting thunderstorms now but have our fingers crossed that the weather clears during the night. We hope to see the lunar eclipse in the morning. 


  1. Hope you got to see the lunar eclipse ... I made sure I got up in plenty of time to see it.

    I admit I had to chuckle at the name "Yoshi" ... my grands are huge fans of all things Mario Brothers related, so that's immediately what came to my mind when I saw that. ;-)

  2. It sure sounds like you two are having fun! Hope the weather held out for you!

  3. You missed snow last Saturday in Rockford. Enjoy your trip.



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