Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Today I found time to sew! It feels like I haven't been in my studio for ages probably because I haven't been! I have many wips and one of those was my focus today. Sorry - no photos yet.

The sun wasn't shining but the rain stopped - yay! This was the view from my ironing surface.
A peek at one wip.
 When I was sitting at my machine, this is what I could see.
Neighbors' trees
Eventually, I had to get outside for a walk. This is the sugar maple tree I was looking at from my ironing surface.
Our sugar maple
This little tree is in our backyard and is usually light green - what a surprise to see it in color!
Little tree in our backyard
The blaze maple, also in our backyard, is already losing a few leaves.
Our blaze maple
When we left on our trip a couple of weeks ago, our weather was very summer like. It didn't take long to switch seasons. It is certainly fall now!


  1. What a view you have from your sewing room! Love the red and white blocks and the tour of your colourful trees!

  2. What beautiful trees! The color ... so rich! As you'd imagine, our trees are behind yours ... I'm anxiously waiting for the leaves to start turning here.

    I love your red and white blocks ... what are you going to do with them?

  3. You sure have some beautiful trees around you! I just love the fall colors. I grew up and Florida and didn't get to enjoy all those beautiful Fall colors until I was an adult.



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