Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Old Town Fabric Shop

The Old Town Fabric Shop in Chillicothe, OH was once a canal warehouse. Ray was very interested in the building and talked quite a bit with the ladies that were working. I handed him my little point-and-shoot camera and asked him to take some photos.

The blue slider doors on the upper level (in photo below) were used  many years ago to access the second level. The doors still work!

When one walks in the doors, the checkout counter is on the right.

And to the left:

Behind those windows is the classroom:

And another view:

The checkout area and the classroom used to be office areas in the warehouse.

Some other shots of the shop:
Their longarm
A few of many bolts. Notice the open beam ceiling.
Ray was definitely more enthralled with the fixtures and the building layout... so we aren't showing you more of the fabric or the many quilts hanging around!

Some great antiques!
Bed with quilts displayed
Nice sitting area near Men's and Women's restrooms!
This old clock was behind the checkout counter. It still works fine and basically said it was time we got going because they would be closing soon.

I hope to return to this shop - I loved it!


  1. Looks like a really neat shop! It had a very nice classroom area. I just love seeing antiques in the quilt shops!

  2. What a neat shop! I'd like to visit it myself!

  3. An old warehouse is a great place for a quilt shop. Lots of room.



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