Saturday, October 11, 2014

How we chose to stop in Reynoldsburg, OH

It rained last night - a gentle rain - perfect for sleeping. This morning we packed and left the cabin in light rain. 

As we traveled through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania again, West Virginia again and Ohio, we encountered a lot of rain - ugh! 

We also encountered a lot of Welcome Centers! We entered states 5 times. We didn't stop at all of them but we could have stopped at two for the same state twice today! We did eat our lunch at one of the Welcome Centers - we had a picnic in our minivan!

We drove in traffic all day but it could have been worse. Maize, our GPS, Doesn't your GPS have name? routed us on I-68 across Maryland instead of I-70 across Pennsylvania. At Morgantown, WV, we headed north on I-79 to I-470 southwest of Pittsburgh toward Wheeling, WV. That eventually ran into I-70. We both think we had less truck traffic by staying off of I-70 as long as possible. Although our preference is to drive back roads and stay off of freeways, sometimes we don't have the time.

The fall colors are gorgeous - even more so when it is not raining. I was trying to take pictures through the windshield when the rain finally stopped this afternoon. This photo isn't clear but you can see some of the colors. Also notice that beautiful blue sky - it was wonderful to see the clouds clear for a while.

The clouds did return but we haven't had anymore rain. 

We were almost to Columbus, OH, when I saw a JoAnn Fabric store. I'm knitting sleeves on a sweater and wanted some double pointed needles. I've been using the magic loop method and it seems crazy slow. We stopped, I got my needles, and we had both had enough of the car so we found a motel. That's why we are here in Reynoldsburg, OH, just east of Columbus.

We've had dinner and are just hanging out tonight. I think Ray is enjoying having a TV again!


  1. Seems like a good enough reason to stop in Reynoldsburg to me! Ha!

    We are usually in such a hurry to get to our destination (the beach is calling) ... and then again, back home. So we don't do a lot of back road driving.

  2. My GPS is named 'Wally' for Crocodile Dundee's partner, who is directionally challenged. Wally also speaks with an Aussie accent. He re-routes quite a lot.



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