Thursday, October 16, 2014

So what did I buy on our trip... basics!

I bought a lot! I couldn't believe my pile when we unpacked!

I did not get a photo of the blue/brown/tan jelly roll Lexington. It is the only precut I bought. 

I also did not get a photo of the thread. Around here Aurifil is $13.50 a spool. When I found it for $8.95 in Chillicothe, OH, I bought spools! In Lancaster County, PA, the cheapest I found was $10.95. All the spools are basic colors that I use. My plan was to buy thread if the price was right and it was!

We went with our son and his family to the Loomcraft Outlet in Burlington, NC. Most of the fabric is upholstery fabric and everyone gets a free piece. There was a lady choosing pieces from the 'free bin' - you could buy extra pieces for $1 each - to make tote bags which she sold. I chose two free pieces one for Ray and one for me. They may become tote bags!
Striped fabric and book fabric from Loomcraft Outlet
The quilting fabric all came from Lancaster County,PA. I thought the prices were very good so I bought some basics for my stash. Some yellows and oranges...

And some blues and one green. Not sure you can see the light blue on the bottom. It is a wide backing piece.

And some reds. The bottom piece is also a wide backing piece.

I have an idea for one small project but that's it. I really didn't plan to buy this much!


  1. Hey, when you see a good price on fabrics you like, you just "have" to take advantage! ;-)

  2. What great additions for you stash! Quite a deal on the threads..... I seem to be winding through the ends of a few of mine. Must add that to the Christmas list.

  3. Pretty colors. I bought several multi yard pieces when I was away.

  4. Buying fabric is kinda like eating potato chips............And who can pass up a good price anyway :)



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