Saturday, October 26, 2013

A couple of knitting finishes.

I finished this boy's sweater. This is the first time that I've used a UK pattern. Round or V-necked Sweater by Sirdar Spinning Ltd.

It was easy to follow. The only 'weird' part was the sizing. It is all done by ages.

My yarn choice Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn! Stripes wasn't the best for showing off the cable pattern in the yoke. The sweater was easy and fairly quick to make.

I also finished this mobius cowl. It was easy and super fast to make. It only has 13 rows!

The pattern, Bulky Mobius Cowl by Haley Waxberg was easy to follow. I was happy that Jeffery at Wall of Yarn told me to use 40" needles.

The yarn is very bulky Kraemer Yarns Bear Creek The color is much closer to the second photo. The first photo was taken in the hall mirror.


  1. I love that sweater - and the cowl, too! Both are gorgeous!

  2. What a lovely sweater. I need some good acrylic yarn so I may have to check HObby Lobby.



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