Monday, October 7, 2013

Quilt Camp will be a little different...

Quilt Camp will be a little different this year. 
  • Only two from our area are here instead of four or five.
  • We are at the second camp instead of the first because I was out west during the first camp.
  • Instead of 16 or 25 attendees, there are supposed to be just seven.
  • We are staying at the new motel in town which means we are only 4 miles from camp.
Today was 'travel to camp day' and traditionally that means an Iowa quilt shop hop day. 
  • We stopped at Vintage Threads in Dyersville. I think we'll stop on our way home after I've had time to think about what exactly I want to make. I found some neat fabric. 
  • Our second stop was Debbie's Quilt Shop in Osage, IA. I walked away with a neat kit but I can't show you! That nice lady also pointed us toward Kountry Kupboard, a Mennonite store and coffee shop. Our meal was wonderful! 
  • Then we stopped in Forest City at the The Quilted Forest. When I made my purchase, I was given a $10 gift certificate! Instead of punch cards, they keep track of your purchases in their computer. I had purchased enough over the last year(s) to qualify. Rather than trying to keep track of the gift certificate, I did a little more shopping and spent it!
Our motel is new; it opened since we were here last year. It is very nice. They have warm chocolate chip cookies each night.  Yum! Our room is called a small suite. It is a corner room and quite comfortable.
Shooting from the door
Ray has his bike with him and we have plenty of room for it. Ray also has his camera and photography equipment along - maybe he'll find some cows to photograph!
Shooting from the recliner by the bed.
We don't have an actual closet - just a hanging space. That might be because we have a handicapped room.
Shooting from the wall side of the bed.
We have a handicapped room because the lady who made our reservation said that would assure us of a 1st floor room which is much easier with the bike.

Tonight is for relaxing, a little Internet surfing, and maybe a little knitting. Camp begins tomorrow!


  1. Nice to stop in so many quilt shops in the same day! That was nice of the lady making the reservation to consider Ray's bike. I'm sure it will be easier that way. It sure looks like a comfortable room. I love warm chocolate chip cookies. I hope you and Ray have a wonderful time!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous "travel to camp day"! That's a nice spacious room!

    Have a great time!



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