Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Camp Projects and a little more

I've unpacked all of my quilting 'stuff' so now I can show my camp projects. They are wrinkled - I haven't ironed them again.

First is one of the challenge charm square quilts. There was a choice of two quilts. I'm not crazy about mine.
Charm square challenge.
I think my charm squares were too busy for little blocks of 5 or more pieces.
Close up of charm square challenge.
Next is the Mystery Block. We were told to use a dark and a light. This block was on the cover of Country Threads' first book. I like the block and might make it again.

Camp Mystery Block
I pieced this baby quilt from a kit I got at camp. I love the bright colors. Country Threads has just added brights to their fabric selection. Did I mention that I love brights?!
Baby quilt from a kit.
I spent a lot of time, and I do mean a lot of time, on this next quilt which I can't show you. Here is one tiny peek!
Secret project!
That's my projects - the secret project consumed many hours! And it still isn't done!

This is one of the patterns we were given at camp. It came from Pinterest. The pattern is supposed to be 36" wide although the one is this photo is wider.

Today I pieced a baby quilt using the pattern. I made mine  40" wide.
Baby quilt
 Here's a closer view of some of the fabrics.
Baby quilt.
This is going to a family that just did their nursery in turquoise and gray. I hope the quilt fits right in.


  1. What great quilts! I especially love the turquoise and gray baby quilt, the red block, and the pinwheel quilt! I can't wait to see that secret quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The turquoise and gray baby quilt is really nice with the yellow thrown in to add some softness. I'm sure they will be very happy with it. Thanks for sharing!



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