Monday, October 14, 2013

Quilt Camp - part 2 of 2

I have to share some photos of Country Threads.

The barn - we quilted upstairs.
The playhouse.
The fabric shop.
The other fabric building.
The house with the remodel complete except for landscaping.
That is a screened porch on the right.

Left side of the house and outside sitting area.
Piano room in the house.
Living room inside the house.
On the 'porch' inside the house.
It was a great week. With a small group, we got a chance to get to know everyone AND get a lot of quilting done. Then on the last day, we were delighted to have a tour of Mary's home which had been remodeled. We even had yummy treats!


  1. Such gorgeous surroundings - they had to inspire, I'm sure.

  2. Thanks for showing us where you had your quilt came. Looks like a very comfortable place to quilt.



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