Sunday, October 6, 2013

I've been busy!

It has been a wild week. We kind of feel like we stepped out of the van when we got home from our trip and stepped onto a treadmill. 

Things have finally settled down a little and I've been in my sewing room for a few hours. My design wall is crowded.

I finished the quilt top on the left. The second from left is the baby quilt that I had to improvise. That top is also finished! The second from the right is a baby quilt top that was finished while we were in Colorado (the back too). And on the right is the baby boy quilt that I began in Colorado - both the top and the back are finished! 

As I get each one quilted and bound, I'll show you better pictures. 

The rest of the sewing room is a mess - well, it is actually better than it was a few minutes ago! I'm getting ready to leave for Quilt Camp. 

Now you know why I needed to get some of those baby quilts pieced - there will be new projects next week!


  1. Nice getting those tops done! Have a good time at Quilt Camp. Can't wait to see the new projects you come home with!

  2. You WERE busy! I can't wait to see what you come home with from Quilt Camp - have a great time!!



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