Thursday, September 6, 2012

Statendam Cruise - part 1

We are now cruising south on another dam ship - the Statendam!

The ocean is in motion. If you are feeling sick, try getting to the middle of the ship. The main desk has crackers, apples, and medicines to help motion sickness.

Shortly after we sailed Sunday night, the winds came up and we could not go outside to the decks. The water in the pool is sloshing out the sides! I’m wearing a prescription patch for motion sickness but I still feel sick and it is very hard to move about the ship. Everyone walks like they are drunk!

After lunch on Monday, I found some ginger ale. The crew member told me I needed to eat fruit also so she gave me a beautiful dish of mixed fruit. It was good and I am feeling better.

We left Seward before a front came in – didn’t know that until tonight. Last year at this time, they did not beat the storm and this ship battled 50-foot waves all day. So glad I wasn’t on that one!

We are very limited on computer time now so I’ll post when I can. 

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