Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mail, mail, and more mail

We are home! Unpacked! Laundry done! And the mail - oh yeah, the mail. We had a lot of mail but the best were the boxes we mailed from Alaska! 

Did I really buy that many batiks?
I remember saying "no more buying fabric without a plan" and I remember thinking "I don't get to these shops very often!"
I've never seen striped minkee. There are a couple of baby boy quilts coming up.
Some of these might show up in those baby quilts.
I found a few patterns and thought I should try the Whisper Web.
I found the elusive Isacord thread, a finger rotary cutter and scissors that I've never seen. I just had to have that gadget in the box to cut chain-pieced pieces apart.
Oh yes, more batiks.
Ray bought some canned wild salmon and we fit it in!
It really was fun to open the boxes and see everything!


  1. So glad you are back! It's been interesting hearing our adventures! What fun to come home to surprises you sent yoursef!

  2. Welcome back! You get double the joy with those new fabrics ... not only the joy of choosing/buying them, but the joy of receiving them in the mail/opening the boxes! I have tracked down a couple of quilt shops here in the Outer Banks and definitely intend to visit them before we leave. We drove out here, so I won't have the added joy of receiving a box full of fabric. ;-)

  3. You did well..hehe! Love sending items Christmas and you can really enjoy them TWICE (when purchased and in the quiet of home!). The gadgets are great. Please report on the one that cuts chained pieces apart. I've seen it in an ad but haven't succumbed to the "purchase bug"..yet~! Your trip looked wonderful...welcome home!!-D



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