Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interesting things

Some interesting things so far in this journey:

1. The Alaskan quilt shops carry lots of batiks. For some it is the only type of fabric that they carry. Most have ‘Alaskan’ batiks – ones with pictures of whales, sea otters, and other wildlife.

2. We did one load of laundry – thank goodness, I carried color catcher sheets. It was $3.00 in quarters to wash and $0.25 for each 4 minutes to dry! The rest of our laundry was free to do where we stayed in Soldotna.

3. Parking in Anchorage costs $1.25/hour in quarters on the street. In parking lots, it costs $1.00/hour paid in advance at a kiosk. In some parking lots, you can add time through an app on your phone.

4. The traffic in Anchorage is much better on Saturday and Sunday.

5. Corn fritters are wonderful and plentiful!

6. While we didn’t get to the State Fair in Palmer (we just decided not to go in the rain), the winning cabbage was over 138 pounds!

7. It does rain a lot and Alaskans just tend to ignore it and continue on. So if they plan a hike or bike ride, they still go.

8. The schools have outdoor skating/hockey rinks. We don’t know about indoor ones.

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