Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge for September

The September Free Motion Quilting Challenge over at Insights from SewCalGal featured Paula Reid as the expert of the month. Paula has made some gorgeous quilts and has been featured on some quilting shows. 

Paula shared some secrets for quilting large quilts on a domestic sewing machine including her Fluff and Stuff technique and her room arrangement - both of which I already use!  She also said to get straight stitches, use a 0mm throat plate (I don't have one yet) and a Schmetz Denim/Jeans, size 80/12 needle (I just bought some). She then had us quilt a beautiful feather design. 
Now, why did I trace that on paper instead of using Don Linn's method? Getting all the paper off is a pain! Never again! You can see some pieces yet above. Below is the back.
This is the very first thing I sewed/quilted on my new Bernina. I can tell where I began and where I ended - I got better! And I'm getting much better! Just takes a while to get comfortable.


  1. You are doing great! Definitely got smoother as you made your way through the exercize.....and it's beautiful! Glad you and your machine are getting to be such good friends...hehe!

  2. You and your machine will be working together like pros in no time!

  3. Nicely done Jeanne! We are all showing definite improvement over the months. Congrats on your new machine. I was also blessed with a new machine a few weeks ago.



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