Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Neat New Block!

While at Quilt Camp this year, I learned a new block. No one knows who first thought of this so I'm sorry that I can't give that person credit.

Start with 4 squares. You can use any size squares - I am using charm squares which are 5" squares. The four squares need to be different colors.

Sew the 4 squares into a 4-patch and press well.

Now for the cutting. Use 20% of the size of the original square so for a 5" square, use 1". For a 10" square, use 2".  My original square was 5", so I will be using 1". If you use a different number, the finished block will have different size pieces but it will work. 

Carefully cut 1" from each seam.

To cut the other side of the seam, move around the cutting table or move the cutting mat. This piece is upside down because I moved to the other side of my cutting table.

Now carefully cut 1" from the crosswise seam. When you are through with the cutting, you will have 9 pieces.

I have numbered them so I can easily refer to them.

Exchange the middle top and the middle bottom pieces - so swap pieces 2 and 8. Don't turn the pieces.

Exchange the middle side pieces - so swap pieces 4 and 6. Don't turn the pieces.

Rotate the middle piece twice - so turn piece 5 twice. The little blue square that was in the upper left will now be in the lower right.

Sew these 9 pieces together as a 9-patch, being careful to keep the pieces in the correct orientation. Press well. Square up the block to 8" or perhaps 8 1/2" if your squares were exactly 5" and your 1/4" seams are perfect. That's it!

What happens if you mix up some of the pieces - nothing really. The block will still look scrappy. If you want to keep the block with a pattern, follow the above steps. 

You can see the pattern below. Look at the red corner square and the other red pieces (arrows are pointing at the other pieces). Can you see the same pattern for the blue? 

The block is neat alone but you can put some together. Sorry the reds and greens aren't showing up in the right color in this photo!

Or you might put some blocks together with sashing. You might be able to see the safety pins - this piece is ready to be quilted.

Doesn't it look neat?! Everyone at camp loved it!


  1. Love this look! Definitely one to try. :)

  2. Love this look! Definitely one to try. :)

  3. The finished product looks so complicated, but from your tutorial, the process looks so simple! I think I'm going to do one of these next right after my I-spy quilt!

  4. I do like it - what a fun one to do at a quilt retreat! blessings, marlene



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