Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sewing Machine Saga ENDS!

Thursday was decision day! And it is a ...... Bernina 550 QE. (QE= Quilt Edition) It was a tough decision but I think I made the right one! 

I went to get my machine today and spent more than two hours with the owner of the store, Jane, and one of her employees, Kris. We covered lots and I still have lessons!

It was a big box FULL of neat things!
The machine fits in my cabinet but I do need to order a new cabinet insert and a new extension table. Oh, she is so shiny and new!
I think we covered most of the manual today but I did read it tonight anyway!
Then... I sewed some straight seams, I did a free motion motif that I have for homework this month, and I began quilting the other half of that pink baby quilt! (You can peek at it in the second photo above.)

It'll take some practice but:
  • I am learning to use the foot feed with my left foot (my right foot has nerve damage).
  • I am learning to use the knee lift.
  • I am learning to use the BSR - the Bernina Stitch Regulator.
  • I am learning to use the Start/Stop buttons so I don't always need the foot feed.
My learning curve needs to be fast - Quilt Camp is only a week away!

I'm thinking this old lady is learning some new tricks and I'm loving it!


  1. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear how it works for you. I'm leaning toward a Bernina ... I hope to go shopping once we get home and get settled back in.

  2. YAY! It's so beautiful!!!! Congratulations!

  3. Shiny and new and so exciting!!! It is a beautiful machine!! You will do great things with it!!!! Blessings!



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