Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FMQ Project - Catching Up!

I'm back! I have missed a few weeks at The Free Motion Quilting Project Free Motion Quilt Along. I have been following along - I just did not have a sewing machine while we were traveling and then when I got home, I didn't have a working machine. That has all changed - I am home - for this week anyway - and I have a brand new machine.

I love Paisley - I just used it on two baby quilts! I think I put my own spin on every quilting design and this is no different.

The first quilt is multi-colored.
Here's another photo - one of these days, I'll post pictures of the whole quilt.

Then the pink baby quilt which I can't show you yet so here's a peek at the back.

I have not tried Lava Paisley yet! I enjoy Paisley as much as stippling although it does take longer. I love the textured effect.

All of a sudden, I seem to have a lot of baby quilts to make - some years are like that!


  1. I just love paisley!! You seem to have taken to it like a "duck to water"!! For a bit "looser" effect, I have done it by separating each paisley with a loopy "balloon string" motif. Spreads out the quilting a bit yet maintains the pattern. If you enlarge the pic in this post it will show you what I mean: Can't wait to see the "whole picture"!! Glad you are back. How's the new machine?????

  2. When having a second look at your baby quilt I realised why this looked so familiar...I made a baby quilt out of exactly the same green and orange combo. Lovely colours for a baby quilt. Your FMQ looks great on that.

  3. Great job on the paisley! Those are some lucky babies:)

  4. It looks great! I'm impressed - I thought the Lava Paisley was actually easier than regular paisley, so it will be interesting to see what you think.



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