Monday, January 30, 2012

New Quilt Cabinet

Our neighbor, Jeff, does woodworking and he made us a beautiful quilt cabinet. We gave him a couple of pictures of cabinets we liked (with a few of changes). As far as size, I wanted as large a cabinet as would fit in the selected corner. 

On Saturday, our cabinet arrived in pieces! Jeff and Ray carried everything upstairs. When you live in an old house, negotiating stairs is tricky; plus the cabinet is too deep to move  through a doorway. So Jeff built the pieces and assembled the cabinet onsite. It will end up in the back corner under that sloping ceiling.

It was totally assembled and it is gorgeous!

They moved it into its corner - a perfect fit!

And I began filling it up!

I absolutely love it!


  1. NICE! Good ole fashioned carpentry! I spit on Sauter furniture. Ya know, that particle board they charge a fortune for?

  2. It's beautiful! I wish I had somewhere to put a quilt cabinet ... preferrably a sewing room! ;-)



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