Sunday, January 8, 2012

A very nice week end away

Yesterday we went to Dubuque, Iowa. We had lots of time and a very short list so it was fun day! We had lunch at Bandana's BBQ - Wow! I can't believe we didn't know about this place - thanks to my friend Arlene, we do now!

After checking into the Holiday Inn and having dinner at the River City Beefstro Sports Bar and Grill (good food!), we headed to The Bell Tower Theater to see Guys in Ties, an improv comedy group. We laughed ALOT!

We had a date with bartender Jason at the River City Beefstro Sports Bar when we got back to the motel. While we were eating dinner, he told us that he could not make ice cream drinks after 10 PM because the kitchen closes. But then he decided that he'd work something out if we'd come back. Sure enough there was a blender full of ice cream in the cooler when we got there. We had huge Grasshoppers - which he says is the normal size! So much for the diet!

It was a great weekend - we saw a couple of eagles, had amazing weather, and just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Oh yeah, we made sure to fill the car with gas before crossing back into Illinois - gas is always cheaper in Iowa!

And the cameras were not used all weekend - I think we were too busy just kicking back!

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  1. Yes, gas is just so stinking expensive in Illinois. We are 20 minutes from the Illinois-Missouri border, so we always fill up whenever we're in Missouri. ;-)

    Sounds like you had a fantastic get-away.



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