Sunday, January 15, 2012

Progress on The Free Motion Quilting Project

Out of the three free motion quilting blogs that I am following and attempting to keep up with, I think this is the one where I belong the most! For some time, I have been following Leah Day at The Free Motion Quilting Project - see button at right. She recently began a Quilt Along for FMQ and is starting at the beginning.  Stippling - the wandering curved line that never crosses itself.

I know I need lots of practice but I am so much better than I was a couple of years ago when I first tried this! This is just a practice sandwich of various wiggles.

I am stippling some 12" blocks. Once in a while, I add a loop - I think that is called "Jeanne's stippling"! Yup, it is my way! My curves need to get smoother but I am beginning to get control over my stitch length. I also greatly appreciated Leah's advice on quilting in rows - it has made this much easier for me. I am beginning to relax and enjoy this too!

Time for more practice!


  1. Well done and it does seem to be about practice then more practice and even more practice...Maybe we should be asking Leah if you ever stop practicing. Looks Great.

  2. The practicing does help - I try to do at least 5 minutes a day.
    It looks good already.



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