Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Free Motion Quilting Project Week 4

The Free Motion Quilting Project Week 4 with Leah Day was  about quilting on a line. Sounds simple - yeah! Well, if the line is short - like 1/2 inch - I'm sure I'd be at the top of the class! This is free motion quilting - no feed dogs being used on the sewing machine.

First, I tried to follow a line on fabric.

On the back, you can see better (ugh!). My stitches are really small - I need to either let up on my foot speed or move my hands faster.

I also tried to follow a design I marked with chalk. Ignore those lines where I was trying to echo my stitches.

Here's the back. 

I tried stitching in the ditch. My stitches are a little better.

Here is the back.

I marked a square spiral and I think I'm doing better!

Here's a closeup. My stitches are much better! WOW!

And a closeup of the back.

Leah Day is a great teacher. She started at the beginning and we are building on our knowledge. We worked on basic stippling shapes, put the shapes together and stippled designs, and worked on the scale of the stippling. Then we quilted on a line and next we are going to quilt around a shape and fill the shape with stippling.

I am learning a lot and practicing a lot. I am nowhere near perfect but I am so much better than I was when I began!

Quilting, like life, 
does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.


  1. I think your doing fabulously! By the last one, nearly perfect!

  2. It's so wonderful to see your progress! Keep playing with straight lines and the curvy ones will become easier too!



  3. Wow your progress over the week is amazing. You 'straight' spiral is pretty special.

  4. I'm very impressed - you have made such incredible progress! Well done!

  5. Great work! You really took time to document your steps and progress!



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