Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time to lose it!

I need to lose the weight that I gained during my back problems/surgery/recovery. It wouldn’t hurt to lose a little extra too! And Ray decided to join me.

We recently came across the DASH Diet - a healthy way of eating without a lot of added salt. It is similar to the way we already eat! We bought the books. Read the books. And we began. Would it work?

Based on your height and weight, you find the number of calories to maintain your weight.  If you want to lose weight, you just need to eat fewer calories. Every day we eat grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat/poultry/fish, some nuts/beans/seed, and some fats/sugars. We already exercise so nothing new there.

We track our servings each day. The real key to our success is the portion size. And yes, there are carbs - we eat whole grain breads and pasta, potatoes, corn, etc. We try to stay away from a lot of refined sugars and fats. We are both steadily losing about 2.0 pounds a week. It is easy to eat out too! We do have dessert once in a while. Actually, anything is okay once in a while.

We had our annual physicals yesterday and our new doctor  wholeheartedly approved the diet as a lifelong way of eating. Our physician for the last 30 years just recently retired!

I have always said that I want to be taller so I can weigh more and yesterday I found that I am an inch taller (oh, thank you back fusion surgery!) so my BMI is actually one point lower than I thought! I'm on my way...

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  1. The best way for me to stay at my goal weight (which is harder for me to do than it is to lose the weight ... hence the losing and gaining most all my adult life ) is to eat like that. Have what I want - IN MODERATION. ;-)



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