Monday, January 2, 2012

Orca Bay Mystery Solved!

On Friday, Orca Bay Mystery Clue #7 was released. I pieced all of the red string triangles from Clue #4 with wing triangles from Clue #5.

And I pieced the rest of those wing triangles with neutral triangles.

I also made these quarter square triangle units: 

Yesterday Bonnie Hunter released the Big Reveal showing the layout. I was busy half the day but then I found some time to sew. 

I put the pieces together:

Since I only made 1/2 of the pieces during the mystery, I had to figure out my layout. I decided on a square. It will finish to be about 57" by 57". 

Today I put on the neutral border which finished to 1 1/2". Then I had to figure out the pieced border. I had to make a few more wing triangle/neutral triangle squares. I used all four of the quarter square triangle units I made - one for the middle of each side.

And here it is!

This has been fun and I love using my stash! I've really enjoyed the mystery and am delighted with my quilt. Now I just need to quilt it! 


  1. Stunning, you really have done a fabulous job.

  2. It loosk beautiful! I will also opt for a smaller version of 6 x 7 - that's all that I can quilt somewhat comfortable...

  3. Beautiful! Congrats on a Mystery Completed!!

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

  4. Gorgeous !! Congrats on getting it finished.

  5. Beautiful ... absolutely beautiful!

    One of these years I'm going to participate in one of her mysteries.

  6. Cindy W, Aus,
    Love how neat all your blocks always looked and love how you figured out your own design and this size looks wonderful and at least it was achievable.

  7. Love that border. As so many have said, I'd never do pieced quilts with this many pieces if I knew ahead of time what I was getting into.
    yet it goes so fast when we work steadily...
    Lovely version, thanks for sharing! Sharyn

  8. Hi! I'm here visiting via Bonnie's linky. Your quilt is looking gorgeous. Great work with this mystery. I like the size you chose for it.

  9. Beautiful! love the way it turned out.

  10. Wonderful! Can't wait to finish mine.

  11. I love it the smaller size is terrific

  12. Gorgeous - you've done a terrific job!




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