Monday, January 9, 2012

Fraudulent Activity?

Yesterday, shortly after arriving home from our very nice weekend away, we had a phone call concerning  possible fraudulent activity on our credit card. We had to call our credit card company's fraud department. 
They asked three questions:

  1. Did we use our credit card at a certain motel in Dubuque? Yup! 
  2. Did we charge this amount at the motel? Yup!
  3. Did we charge this amount at a bookstore? Yup!
In that case, our credit card would be unlocked and we would be able to use it again!

We greatly appreciate that this company watches for fraudulent activity. But all we did is spend a weekend away - if we had stolen the credit card, I think our motel bill would have been way past moderate and we would have purchased a lot more than a couple of books!

We haven't been to Dubuque for quite a while. We just didn't realize that big brother was watching via our credit card! 

1 comment:

  1. We got that call when I ordered a computer 7-8 years ago. That was understandable ... a large purchase (especially at that time when computers were much more expensive than they are now) made over the phone. We didn't get a phone call in December, 2010 ... our account was locked because someone tried to make 3 very large ($500+) purchases in California. Obviously not us. What was most perplexing to us was that the person(s) who made those purchases had a physical card that was swiped!! (And our cards had never left our possession! We had to close the old credit card account and get a new one and fill out a bit of paperwork attesting to the fact that we had possession of our cards at the time the purchases were made, etc. A pain. Not to mention the embarrassment that we felt when our card was denied (because the credit union had locked the account). This happened on a weekend getaway ... luckily we had already paid for our hotel room, so we just used cash for our incidental expenses.



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