Monday, May 9, 2016

A Summer Sweater

I wanted this sweater done before our trip - I had plenty of time...BUT I had a problem with the pattern. I did the first six inches of the sweater over and over and over and even more! Finally I decided to wing it and rewrite the pattern. All I used was the design - 14 rows of stockinette stitch and 16 rows of the lace pattern. I guess I took this picture sideways but you can still see the lace pattern and the stockinette (plain) stitches.

The construction details are all mine and amazingly it worked!!!

The pattern is from and it did say to use their yarn. I didn't although I was knitting right on gauge. Go figure! My yarn does stretch a little and that could be part of the problem.

I used Bamboo Pop which is half cotton and half bamboo and so very soft. I knit the ribbing, the lace part, and the neck with size 3 needles. I used size 6 needles for the stockinette stitch part. My first variation from the pattern was to knit this in the round.

It's done! It fits! I like it! What more could I want?! 

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