Saturday, June 2, 2018

Red and White Tablerunner

I began this quilt at Quilt Camp in the fall of 2010. I had a lot of back pain at the time - this was before we knew a vertebrae had broken off and moved, taking all of the nerves in the spinal column with it. There are many small pieces and it wasn't going well so I finally put it away. When I was cleaning a while ago, I found it. I thought about using it as a FMQ practice sandwich but Ray really liked it. He suggested that I just finish it as a table runner instead of a larger quilt. So I did. I didn't tear anything out - I think all quilts tell stories and this one is no different.

This finished at 58" by 18" and I used Dream Cotton batting. I free-motion quilted this with 50-wt white Aurifil thread. There are flowers in the open white spaces and wishbones or lazy eights over the rest.

And then I washed it with a Color Catcher...

One of the problems with using scraps that I've collected over many years from many places is that you never know which fabric bleeds. I was concerned about the different reds back in 2010 but for some reason, I believed it would be okay. I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve - we'll see what happens. 


All of the quilts that I began or worked on at the March retreat are now done. I'm considering the table runner done. However, every time I get caught up I've already started more! 

All of the 2 1/2" squares are sorted and stored by color. As I was sorting, I pulled squares for a few different quilts.

I made a couple HSTs and thought I liked the combination so I made 48 blocks and came up with this 

or this. Since I'm not crazy about either, the blocks will just sit for a while until I get another inspiration.

I made a yellow and gray quilt in 2014 and found the leftover pieces when I was cleaning out the scrap drawers. I added a little gray and put together this jelly roll race quilt.

I also found this Sunbonnet Sue fabric when cleaning out the scrap fabric. It's from a friend's stash that was gifted to me. 

I added some yellow and blue and ended up with this.

Right before the scrap cleaning began, I pulled scraps for Dream Weaver. It is coming along.


We were in Hudson, Wisconsin on Memorial Day weekend for a family graduation party. It was so nice to spend some time with my brothers

and their wives. 

I think it's time to go sew some 2 1/2" squares together - there are plenty here...


  1. Great job with all your scrappy quilts. I swear, for every one that I finish, I think of at least three more that MUST be made! Fortunately (?) scraps never seem to run out. How is that?

  2. Hello busy lady! Love seeing what you've been up to and especially love the dream weaver quilt taking form. Sorry about that tablerunner, but I'm sure your plan will fix it. You have so much patience to sort your little squares, but you sure come up with some pretty projects!

  3. You've been very busy! Sorry about the bleeding. Hope you can fix it. I've thought about using the 2nd HST layout for exchange blocks.



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