Monday, June 25, 2018

Gorgeous Days

Sunday was a gorgeous day - sunny and in the 70s. Perfect! In the afternoon, we hiked at Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary. We've never been to Hunt Hill before but will definitely return.

We began on the Vole Trail.
A walk in the woods

There were lots of wildflowers.

When we met up with the Bog Trail, we took a short detour from our route.
Bog Trail Marker

When we were on the bog, we saw many of these wild calla lilies.
Wild Calla Lilies
Back on the Vole Trail, we continued walking past many wildflowers. I loved the daisies.

When the trail left the forested area and changed to the prairie, we began seeing Black-eyed Susans.

As we approached the Prairie Platform, a wooden structure by the trail, we spooked a deer. It moved up the trail and

a very young fawn followed! I didn't get a good picture of that baby; it's right by mama's back leg.

After our hike, we went swimming - well, I actually just walked out into the lake while Ray swam. 

The evening ended with a fire 
The first fire but it won't be the last
and s'mores.
The first s'more but it won't be the last!

We were up early to see the sun rise this morning. It was another beautiful day.

We've enjoyed a leisurely day that included a jazz concert on the beach tonight.
Musicians are faculty at the Shell Lake Arts Center

There were lots more people behind us and to our left.
I want to share the two cairns in our yard.

I'm not sure why I love seeing piles of rocks but I do!

Some family members are arriving tomorrow; I hope our beautiful weather continues. 


  1. Great spot to relax. Thanks for the hike and views.

  2. Enjoy your family. Mine arrives Wed night. We are expecting super hot and humid days for a while. At least it was cool yesterday and today, as I madly cleaned house (taking a dinner break)



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