Saturday, June 9, 2018

Blue Water

Blue Water is one of my very favorite quilts! It wasn't a planned quilt - it just happened.

You may remember Just Sailing Along. I had 4 leftover sailboat blocks and also 2 'failed' prototype blocks.

Recently, I finished Bright Log Cabin and I had 8 extra blocks.

I was trying to figure out something to do with the extra Bright Log Cabin blocks. As I was playing with different layouts, I went looking for ideas and happened to find the leftover sailboats. The colors/fabrics meshed perfectly and this 54" by 56" quilt evolved.

The quilt has Dream Cotton Batting. I used a walking foot and 50-weight light blue #2715 Aurifil thread to quilt this with free-form waves. 

The back is red with small flecks of color and the binding is a stripe with all of the right colors.

I bought the  blue water fabric from a shop in Rock Island, Illinois, on our January visit.

The four leftover sailboats are on the right and the left. The sailboats at the top and bottom are the 'failed' prototypes - the sails are shorter and the boats are taller than the sailboats used for Just Sailing Along. The leftover log cabin blocks worked well as the corner and center blocks.

I think I can now donate Just Sailing Along and Bright Log Cabin and I'll hold on to Blue Water for awhile.


  1. The best of both worlds... donations and keep one with blocks of both for your own snuggle memory. This is a darling little quilt. Reminds me of Emily's sailboat quilt... that is put on her each night to go to bed still.

  2. I love how you created Blue Water. It is such a beautiful quilt...all of them are!

  3. I love your design process. You combined two very different projects into a delight and treat for the eyes. We need more design play in this world. Hang onto it for sure.

  4. Looks like you planned that quilt. It's great how some orphan blocks all came together like they were planned to. Nice quilt.



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