Saturday, June 30, 2018

Scorching Days

The moonrise Thursday night was about 9:47 PM and the thin clouds dispersed. Ray got some good shots and I got this. It was a nice evening  except for the bugs so I didn't stay out long. I forgot that I have a little lantern that really discourages the bugs.

Friday began with HEAT, wind, storm watches, and high humidity. It was a great day to do the laundry. Then we got full sun and higher temps. We visited with some family and did a grocery run - lots more family is arriving and we're planning on 20+ for lunch on Saturday. We planned to go to an outdoor concert (country music) Friday night but it was still above 90 degrees at concert time so we decided to stay home and swim. It was 89 degrees at 8:30 PM but the sun was no longer shining on us.

Today was hot - no surprise! We checked out the Farmer's Market in Spooner, Wisconsin and found a little to add to our produce stash. When we came home, these Canadian geese and goslings were on our beach.

We had a crowd for lunch at my oldest brother's cabin. 'Us old folks' got the big table on the screened porch. On the Meyers' side (my dad's side of our family), we are the oldest living generation. (My Aunt is from my mom's side of our family).

Someone wanted a picture of the Meyers' kids and we included our Aunt Helen. From the left is Jim (#2), John (#4), Tom (#1), Aunt, and me (#3).

It was a great day even though the temps and humidity were high. Many people have arrived (and many more will come in the next few days). It was wonderful having all 3 of my brothers here along with their wives. My youngest brother and his wife were just here for today. We also have some nieces and nephews and their children here, and a cousin from Arizona also arrived. It was a great day of visiting and reminiscing. 

We enjoyed a few visitors after we got back to our cabin in the very late afternoon. The day finally cooled down and we've just come in from swimming - it's almost 9 PM.

One of these days I'll have to show you this year's t-shirt; our niece began making shirts for this 4th of July gathering a few years ago. Every year is a little different. This is our first year being here in a long time and my presence is noted in the shirt design.

It looks like rain for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure this party will continue no matter what!

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  1. What a happy group.....and wonderful to have your brothers there. The heat is awful everywhere this year. But enjoy your time together.



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