Saturday, May 19, 2018

Scrap cleanup is done for now

Cleaning out the scrap drawers is done for now. I did not touch the white, black, batik, nor flannel scrap drawers.

The number of 2.5" squares just grew and grew. I ended with this large basket of squares after I pulled out 300 squares for a quilt. An idea occurred to me so I pulled squares and put them in a project bag. There are a few thousand squares in this basket!

The green drawer was the last one emptied. That's the reason there are so many green squares at the top of the heap.

Now I have this smaller basket full of strings - none of them is large enough to  cut a 2 1/2" square. I think there will be some string blocks in the future.

Look at the empty scrap drawers! There are 5 totally empty drawers at the moment.That will change as I clean out the large drawers - I know there are some smaller pieces of fabric hiding in them.

Most baskets are empty and the piles are gone. This basket has many same sized rectangles. Someday they'll become a quilt but I don't have a plan yet so I won't put them in a project bag.

And this last basket has orphan blocks. Someday I'll go through them. I think I need a bigger basket.

There is plenty more cleaning that could take place but I think I've done enough! Now it's time to sew.


  1. You would have filled all my baskets! Great job cleaning up the scraps. Now you have usable, workable units that are handy. I fill my 2 1/2'' square bin and when it is full, I spend a TV night matching pairs. Looks good:)



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