Sunday, August 24, 2014

The yellow and gray quilt is done!

I bought some yellow and gray fabric when we were in Elkhart County, Indiana a year ago May. post is here Then earlier this year in April, I finally put together the quilt top while on a retreat. post is here . It took me a while but it is now quilted and bound!
That's a new orange/yellow sunflower yard ornament in the background.
This quilt is very soft in color and the colors don't show up well in the photos or the gold fabrics look way stronger than they are - sorry about that. 

I'm not sure if the quilting motif has a name. It is a couple of curves like a Baptist fan then there are dinosaur bumps on the outermost curve. It was just a design I wanted to try.

The back has some leftover blocks.I used all of some of the fabrics and had to piece the extra partial block on the right with some very small scraps.

The quilt is about 50" by 68" with cotton batting - perfect for a summer TV quilt. I'm not sure if it is living here or moving on. Some decisions can wait!

Meanwhile, you might remember that I knitted a corkscrew hat a while ago. We got a chance to try it on Leo. 

He is usually full of smiles but I took forever getting my camera to work and I don't think he liked the flash. However he did like his new hockey hat!


  1. That quilt is fabulous! I love the quilting. Well done, my friend.

    And the cap is gorgeous ... as is the model. ;-)

  2. Love the color combination you use for your quilt! Leo's hat looks great. He has such pretty wide eyes!

  3. He is so cute in his little hockey hat. Congrats on the finish, too.



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