Sunday, March 18, 2018

What could be better?

What could be better than spending National Quilting Day at a quilt retreat?

Well, a retreat without unexpected happenings would be good! We went on retreat on Friday and had lunch on the way. Shortly after arriving, a member of our group went to her room to rest because she had extreme stomach pains. Food poisoning? Maybe. Gall bladder problems? Possibly. She didn't want dinner and we thought she was doing better by nightfall. She is the daughter of the mother/daughter team in our group. Early Saturday morning she texted her mom and asked to be taken to the hospital. Before anyone could get out the door, she requested an ambulance. 

It took until about noon to diagnose appendicitis. Surgery began before 4 pm and it's a good thing - the appendix had 3 leaks; it was rupturing. 

We added lots of praying to our usual sewing and visiting and eating. All went well with the surgery and she was dismissed from the hospital Sunday. Another member of our group couldn't join us because of illness - thankfully she was feeling better Sunday. And another member who hasn't been able to join us for a couple of years due to illness was in the hospital. Thankfully she was dismissed this weekend. Yes, there was lots of praying and many prayers were answered.

A few things were finished while others were started.
A finished table topper

A Christmas stocking

A large work in progress

A finish!

A start

Another beginning

And one more beginning
I had a number of finishes because I took 7 projects that were very close to being done.
A disappearing 9-patch
A scrappy rail fence
Flowers and stripes
A double cut layer cake that still needs a border

A jelly roll race for a baby girl

A baby boy quilt

A quilt that I began years ago ended up as a table runner!

And the one project I totally made at the retreat:
A jelly roll race made with leftover batik 2 1/2" strips

It was a great retreat but a greater weekend because our friends are on the mend.

We are looking forward to our next gathering and hope it is uneventful!


  1. So glad to hear everyone is on the mend, and your prayers were all answered. I was at retreat this week, too, and we had several members who were unable to attend at the last minute due to illness. I was almost one of them! Looks like you got a ton done!!

  2. Your finishes are great...what an assortment. So glad to hears prayers were heard and your friend is doing well. What a scary situation.

  3. What an exciting weekend you had! So glad your friend fared well with the surgery. You folks have such great projects on the go!

  4. Oh my goodness! So glad everyone is better and recovering. You sure did a lot of sewing in between those prayers. Great job!

  5. OUCH! I was driving to Texas that weekend. I got to my BFF's mother's hospital room 45 minutes before she died (reason for the trip). Hope all your quilting buddies are doing much better now.



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