Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Baby Elephants and a small Duffel Bag

Most fabrics in this Baby Elephants quilt are leftovers from burp cloths and swaddle blankets that I made for our youngest grandson 3 years ago. The front is cotton flannel while the back is 100% cotton.

Of course, I used Aurifil thread for the piecing and quilting and Dream Cotton batting.

I used my circle templates with my ruler foot to quilt this. There is a little design around the inside squares - next time I think I will try a curve that makes more of a circle around the square. 

I just used circles to fill in the rest. 

I found that it is much easier, for me, to use the inside of the circle template rather than the outside. This is the largest circle template I have and as you can see, there is no outside choice. This was pretty easy to use. There is an opening in all of my closed templates and I have a piece to tape in when using the template - thus the blue painter's tape.

I tried using the outside of this template but found the inside is definitely the way to go.

This is a donation quilt and one more from my clean-out-this-stash project. Last week I made backs and cut batting for the entire pile that needs to be quilted. 

I took a little time away from my project last week to make a bag for our youngest grandson. He needed a bag for some blocks. His mom suggested a duffel type bag. 

I quilted the fabric before sewing any seams. The strapping is already on the other side (outside) of this piece you can see the stitching but maybe you can see some of the quilting. I did some large scale square stippling. I've always had trouble free motion quilting right angles. Well, it's not a problem anymore with the quilting rulers!

Here is the bag opened. 

I gave him the bag last night and I got a text today with a picture of a happy little boy who had filled his new bag with blocks.


  1. Great duffel bag....I like the size and the quilting looks good. Your circle motifs are very good and work well on the quilt. I still think you are so brave for using the rulers. I do not have the coordination any more.

  2. Cute quilt. I like the burp cloths you made. Hopefully I'll be needing to make some in a year or two. I'll try to remember your sizes, since most I see are too small. Great duffel bag. I'd think following the circle inside would be easier.



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