Saturday, January 14, 2017

Some Knitting Finishes

I have some knitting finishes - it seems that I'm always working on a variety of projects and all of a sudden, a few were done!

First is a Gansey Cowl. The pattern is Chunky Gansey Cowl. I did modify the pattern - I added 12 stitches to make it a little larger.

I used JaggerSpun yarn and I think this will look good with my new Gansey Hat.


Next is The Manning Park Hat, an easy knit with a double brim. You can see the inside is white in the second picture. The detailed edge has a picot trim which I'll probably skip next time. I used Rauma Mitu yarn - it is wonderful to work with and warm to wear.

My friend, Nancy, helped with the pompom. I hadn't made one in MANY years. Nancy has a great pom pom maker - I think I need to invest in one.


Last is another pair of socks.  I don't think I can ever have enough hand knit socks. I used Fiber Seed Sprout yarn in the color Electric Slide. I love this yarn!

I again used Ann Budd's pattern for 7 stitches per inch from her book. However, this time I tried a Fish Lips Kiss Heel. It is so easy to do and feels great. I think it is my new go-to-heel.


I'll be casting on another pair of socks soon. I'm also working on a sweater - I just need to have the pattern changes worked out before I begin.

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  1. All are beautiful but especially love the red and white hat. ��



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