Friday, February 3, 2017

Circus Quilt is done!

Another quilt from my clean-out-this-stash project is finish - the Circus Quilt. When I found the yellow print in my stash, it was already cut into these pieces. I wasn't sure what to do and finally came up with this.

I pieced and quilted this donation quilt with Aurifil thread and used Dream Cotton batting. The binding is left over pieces in green, blue and red. The quilt is 42" by 52" and I quilted it using my wave ruler. 

Can you see the wavy lines?

I think you can see the waves better on the back.

I have had some interesting twists with my clean-out-this-stash project. Yesterday I began to pin a quilt and I realized that I did not do the sashing and corner stones on one side and one end! So I began searching and think I have found enough fabric to finish. 

Earlier today, while I was pinning a quilt, I was not at all happy with the piecing. It finally occurred to me that maybe some of the pieces/blocks I picked up and sewed together weren't extras but rejects. Yup, some of the measurements were off. So I finished pinning and then I cut the whole thing up into practice sandwiches!

I'm wondering if both of these problems happened because I'm anxious to be done with this project.  In any event, the project is progressing; I think I can see the finish line! 


  1. If a block isn't cut to the correct size, or, there is some other problem, I tend to leave a pin in the block. At least with the pin, I know something is wrong with it, when I pull it out.

  2. Hello Ms. Busy Bee! Love the quilting you are doing with that ruler. It looks awesome! I guess with all those quilt sandwiches, you will be quilting all the time. Have fun!



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