Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bernina Ruler Foot and Rulers

I'm learning to use the adjustable Bernina ruler foot and rulers. Actually the ruler foot is simple to use - it's almost like using any quilting foot except you adjust the height. Adjusting the height is easy although I may never have to adjust it again since most of my quilts are the same thickness. Even though the toe isn't open, you can see what you are doing. The only weird thing is that you have to lower the foot to thread the needle.

A variety of rulers came with the Bernina Ruler Package. Ignore the blue painters tape holding the pieces together.
I haven't removed all of the white paper from the backs yet.

I practiced for a while on a practice sandwich and then decided to just concentrate on one thing at a time. I chose the straight edge and a child-size quilt. 

I cross hatched the center, 

did some interesting stitching on the navy border, 

did some in-the-ditch-stitching, and did some straight stitching on the outer borders. Everything was done with the same ruler and free motion quilting.  That interesting stitching on the navy border required a little math to figure it out which was good for my mind!

I had to hold the ruler in different directions with each of my hands. Using either hand to holding the ruler and keeping the ruler from slipping are the hardest parts. Some of the rulers in my set are pretty small and my invisigrip won't stay on them. You don't have to look close to find my bobbles! I did not turn the quilt like you would with a walking foot - I just sewed in whatever direction was needed.

Before I began my second quilt, I was able to get some grips - little sandpaper disks - that work great. I did a second quilt using the straight edge with the grips on it and the ruler held much better.

It was much easier and I think I'm beginning to adjust to using the ruler in different directions.

Can you see the grips on the ruler?

When I finished the center of the quilt and got to the border, I decided to try a different ruler. I had no problems holding it or matching up the ruler to the design.

I'm looking forward to trying all of the rulers and eventually getting more. They are easy and fun to use. 

Do you like my cool purple gloves? I've always worn white Machingers but decided to try the Grabaroos. They work about the same and add more color to my life!


  1. Love the gloves. Probably look better for a longer time.....not so grubby looking after a while!!! I'm still on the fence about getting that foot for my Bernina. I have one for my Juki and, of course, the Sweet 16. Waiting for the next installment of your review!!!!

    1. I don't think most ruler feet are as expensive as the Bernina. I was a little shocked at what the foot cost. I love the ruler work you do and hope to get much better. The grips on the rulers have made a huge difference. ~Jeanne

  2. Noticed the purple gloves right off....very cool. Your ruler work looks very good and it seems you are getting the hang of it. Not on my horizon for now, but I will enjoy seeing you progress.

  3. I'm hoping to get a ruler foot, and some rulers next month. I'll have to be really careful, since my elbow is still bothering me, and I don't want to stress it too much.



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