Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ray's new hat

Ray's hat is finished. This is the same pattern I used for my hat, The Manning Park Hat Pattern. For Ray's hat, I used 3 colors and manipulated the pattern a bit to accommodate 3 instead of 2 colors. I did not do the picot edge but I did use the same kind of yarn - Rauma Mitu. 

This is the first pom-pon that I have made in MANY years! My new pom-pon maker arrived in the mail just a few hours before I tried it.
My friend Nancy made the pom-pon for my hat. My only advice - read the instructions or at least look at the pictures! What you see in the photo is my third try - the first one AFTER reading the instructions. The first two times I had the maker put together backwards.

It's snowing and supposed to get colder. We might get a chance to wear our new hats soon!


  1. Backwards you say. That sounds like me. The hat looks great.

  2. Ray's hat turned out great - wonderful blend of colors.

  3. Ray's hat is wonderful! I'm challenged to keep knitting - and I need a pom-pom maker, too. I'm knitting a simple scarf in the colors of the school where three of our grandchildren attend. All through boys play sports and I want to have something that shows their team spirit. A hat would be fun to knit, too. Thanks for the inspiration!



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