Saturday, August 10, 2013

Off the beaten path...

Once again we traveled the backroads today. We traveled west on Highway 20 to Ainsworth, Nebraska. We then went south on Highways 7 and 91 to Highway 2, a scenic drive. We followed Highway 2, the Sandhills Journey, to Hyannis. Then we headed south to Ogallala where we are tonight.

We always kind of dread crossing Nebraska because we do not enjoy traveling Interstate 80. But today was very different. Not only was the weather gorgeous, we had a very pleasant journey!

Some sights from today:

  • hay - lots and lots of hay
  • irrigation
  • rolling hills
  • many motorcycles (probably heading home from Sturgis)
  • some corn fields
  • large grain elevators
  • small towns
  • a small town parade - Happy 100th Arthur!
  • wild flowers - acres and acres of beautiful wild flowers mostly yellow
  • windmills - not wind turbines, windmills pumping water for cattle
  • trains carrying coal, headed east
  • a rodeo
  • cowboys and cowgirls
  • sandhill cranes
  • miles and miles of open land with no buildings
  • hay - Did I mention that there was LOTS of hay?
  • Advice on a sign: When nothing goes right, turn left!

And a few photos:

Hay bales as far as you can see!

Yellow wild flowers.

A windmill in a field of wildflowers

Cowboy on the ridge

More hay bales

And in other news - we just found out on Facebook that Grandson Mack lost his first tooth!


  1. Love those photos ... that's a part of this country that we haven't been to, although we plan to make our way through that part when we do our Alaskan cruise ... we don't fly, so we hope to be able to drive through the northern half of the US, stopping to see Glacier National Park, Mt Rushmore, etc., etc.

  2. I've only been thru Nebraska once, about 8 years ago (on I80). I was racing a snowstorm (so didn't stop for almost 900 miles) and that there was NOTHING along the road. Have a safe trip.



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