Monday, August 5, 2013

If I had a wagon...

We have wanted to go back to Colorado since 2008. Many things have happened - we've lost both of Ray's parents, I had the broken back, surgery, and a year of rehab. In June of 2012, when we were finally able to go, it was too late to find a house to rent in the mountains for 3 weeks but the perfect time to plan a trip for the summer of 2013!

That's right, we planned a 3 week trip but the best laid plans.... 

A friend of ours, who is into photography as much as Ray, found a photo workshop in the Tetons. She thought he might be interested and, of course, he was. That left a 2 week gap between the Colorado trip and the Wyoming workshop so we extended our stay in Estes Park to 5 weeks. We got such an amazing deal on the house we are renting that the two weeks are almost free - nice!

As usual for us, we will take our time traveling - we thoroughly enjoy the journey of our trips - so I guess we'll be gone about 8 weeks. 

We still need to do are a few errands and pack. It's almost time to leave - just a couple more days!

In case you don't know the significance of the title of this post, watch this:

When we were in graduate school in Colorado, KHOW radio played this song every Friday at 5 PM. It always signaled the beginning of the weekend. Isn't it funny that the weekends were never the same after we left the state?!

One of a number of versions of Colorado:

Dave Allen / Paul Colwell (ASCAP)

If I had a wagon I would go to Colorado
Go to Colorado, Go to Colorado.
If I had a wagon I would go to the State
Where a man can walk a mile high.

You come across the prairie
And there before your eyes
You see the Rocky Mountain peaks
Climbing up to the sky
Climbing up to the sky.

If I had a Chevy I would drive to Colorado

I'm lookin' for more than silver
I'm lookin' for more than gold
Just like the Rocky Mountain State
Got folks who are rugged and bold
Folks who are rugged and bold.

If I had an airplane I would fly to Colorado

Just take a big deep breath of
That most abundant air
That's why so many folks from
California are there
California are there.

If I had a spaceship I would land in Colorado

There's hating and there's fighting
Across this world so wide
Our uniting spirit they will find
At the Great Continental Divide
At the Great ontinental Divide.

I don't have a wagon, and I
Don't have a Chevy, and I
Don't have an airplane, and I'll
Never have a spaceship, but I've
Got two feet to walk with, and it's
Colorado or bust
Where America can learn again
Just like Colorado men
How to hold your head up high
How to hold your head up high!


  1. Wow! I'm envious! I'd LOVE to get away for a couple of months! We visited Estes Park 3 years ago and do have plans to go back some day (if we can ever plan a trip that doesn't take us to the beach - ha!). Enjoy!

  2. Have a great time! A two month vacation sounds wonderful.

  3. Guess we'll hear from you again closer to October. Have fun on your trips.



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