Friday, August 2, 2013

A Bittersweet Day and a Finish

Today we said goodbye to our sister-in-law's mother. Helen was a very sweet lady who used to join in our family celebrations. She was a blessing to many and just turned 92 in July.

Along with a the sadness of the day, we had the joy of meeting Amelia, our great, great niece. She is our first GG. I often tell our great niece and nephews that they have made me one GREAT aunt. That means Amelia makes me a GREAT, GREAT aunt! She is a doll - I took her from her grandmother and she didn't mind at all. She just snuggled right in! When her grandmother took her back, she whimpered! She loves me!!! Can you believe I didn't get any photos?! It was nice to see all of my oldest brother's family today. All of the children, grandchildren, and Amelia were with us. Eight month old Amelia and her dad came from Tennessee and will be here for the week. I think they will help my brother and SIL through some tough days. 
I finished my Marly Silk Scarf yesterday. The pattern is by Jane Stanley of Fibre Space and can be found on It is made with two strands of Habu Textiles A-1 2/17 Tsumugi Silk thread. I used a green and a blue-green thread and really like the result. The real color is more like the second photo.

The scarf is about 6" wide and 58" long. I varied the pattern a little  - this was supposed to be 8" X 60".
Oops, you can see Jake, the Life Is Good insignia, on my t-shirt.

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