Thursday, August 1, 2013

Coral Cowl done!

I made a beautiful coral cowl using the Garland Cowl pattern by Galzanne Knits and Rowan yarn.
The pattern is free on I love the pattern - lots of texture.

The pattern called for size 10 1/2  needles. I used size 10 so my cowl is a tiny bit shorter than it would have been. The true color is coral as in the top photos. The next two look orange.

I took this picture using my iPad - I'm really NOT good at taking photos, especially of me!


  1. Oh my....that's beautiful and, I agree, the texture is perfect!!

    1. Thanks Doreen. I may need it one day soon - this weather is getting cooler! ~Jeanne

  2. Gorgeous ... I love it! The color is gorgeous, and the texture is fantastic.

  3. That is pretty and useful in the mountains. Where did you buy the Rowan?



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