Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mack Made a Quilt

Our grandson Mack made a quilt! Mack is now six but began the quilt when he was five. I did all of the cutting and ironing. He did much of the sewing.

Mack used my orphan blocks and a wild variety of my scraps. He began the quilt last October and finished it today! 
One proud grandson!
Mack and his brother Griffy used my design wall and decided what fabrics to use together. It was fun to see their selections. The orphan blocks with the sailboat and bear were chosen early on while the stars were chosen after a few blocks of "neat" fabrics that the boys liked - the fish, the John Deere tractors, spiderman, ...
Mack's quilt
Mack sewed borders on the blocks. Then he sewed the blocks into rows. After sewing two sets of rows together, he allowed me to make the middle strip with his name. I also made the back of the quilt which Griffy is showing here.
Griffy showing the baseball side of the quilt
I did a little stabilizing quilting and the binding. Mack finished the quilting today. He is very proud of his quilt with the wild side! And he likes the tamer baseball back too!
 It's just big enough to share with his favorite brother!

Mack says he is now going to make a quilt for Griffy. Then he's going to make quilts to donate to sick children! 

Guess we'll be sewing together for a long time


  1. How sweet that you've passed along your love of quilting and have a new quilting buddy!

  2. What a great job Mack did! My son made a quilt when he was 12. Keep it up, Mack!



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