Friday, August 9, 2013

Half is better than none

We are in Sioux City, Iowa tonight - it was a short day on the road. We traveled at a leisurely, relaxed pace across northern Iowa seeing many cornfields and a few crop dusters. 

Our niece Carli and her family live in Sioux City so we planned to spend the evening with them. Yesterday the little guy came home early from daycare with the flu or a virus - poor guy. Anyway we only got to see Carli  and her daughter, our great-niece, for dinner tonight while the little guy and Dad stayed home. L

Carli and Mady were almost ready to leave when I realized I hadn't taken any pictures. So I caught Mady in the car with the balloons. We got two because we thought her brother might like one!

We haven't seen this family in over a year. It was wonderful to see half of them - next time we hope to see everyone!


And in other news - the motel last night overcharged us and needed to refund $11.98 this morning. I asked the clerk if I could give her 2 pennies so she could give me an even $12. She said she was sorry but she had to give me exactly what she owed us - $11.98!

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  1. Sorry that the little guy is sick with some bug ... hope he's feeling better soon ... glad you at least got to spend a little time with Carli and Mady.

    I remember paying for a purchase that totaled $7.42, so I gave the clerk $8.02 (I didn't have enough coins to give her the exact change) ... she got so flustered that I finally took back the 2 pennies and let her give me the 58 cents change. And I've noticed that it's increasingly rare to have a clerk count back my change.

    When you travel at a slower pace, do you have a destination in mind when you set out in the morning? Or do you just go until you're ready to stop?



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