Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Bouquet in progress

I've been working on Spring Bouquet. The 9 interior blocks are all appliquéd, the 1" checkered square borders are done, and the 4 border pieces are all appliquéd. Whew! 

I did most of the appliqué on the border pieces while we were in Chicago recently and I did not have a needle to hide the threads. I know I could just cut the threads off but I prefer to take all the threads to the back and bury them in the stitches. Guess I'm a bit compulsive about finishes! I never did find a needle so I just kept appliquéing and was careful not to catch any threads. When we arrived home I had four pieces that looked like this all over.
Threads need to be taken to back and buried.
Then I began the job of taking the threads to the back and burying them.
Threads are buried.
While watching TV, it took a few hours but not much thinking!
Back with threads buried.
I am quilting this quilt in pieces because there is LOTS of quilting. I am outlining each appliquéd piece and doing small scale stippling in all non-appliquéd areas. It is taking  lots of time but I think it will be worth it!

I sewed the 9 interior blocks in 3 rows each having 3 blocks. The top row and the middle row are quilted and joined. I need to finish quilting over the seam where I joined the pieces.
Six blocks joined and quilted except at seam.
Can you see where I need to quilt - right by the seam in the middle of the photo below.
Close up of seam area needing quilting.
In a couple of days, we are leaving for Washington DC and I won't be taking my machine since we are flying. So I'll get back to the quilting in May.


  1. Wow, that is a GORGEOUS quilt!

    That's going to be one long trip if you won't be back to quilting until May. ;-)

  2. That is wonderfully gorgeous! Well worth hiding all the threads. Happy traveling!! Hugs, Doreen

    1. Thanks! I'll miss working on this for the next few days. We usually drive when traveling and take whatever we want so this packing is requiring more thought and planning! ~Jeanne

  3. That is spectacular! It's so colorful!! I've never appliqued before!

    1. Thanks Dani! I love all of Edyta Sitar's designs. They are all gorgeous. This is by far the most machine appliqué that I've ever done an nd I'm getting pretty good! ;) You would probably find it easy. - Jeanne

  4. Just love how you used the batiks for the flowers.



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