Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Illinois State Museum - fun!

Last Thursday, while in Springfield, we went to the Illinois State Museum with Emily, Mack, and Griffin while Brent was working. What fun we had!
Illinois State Museum, Springfield, Illinois
We wandered through the first floor with everyone enjoying themselves. Although Grandpa probably would have enjoyed going much slower, he kept up pretty good!
Drawers pulled out with more things to see.

Dinosaurs are always interesting!

There were phones to hear information.
Then we went to the Play Museum on the lower level. The boys had their coats off immediately and started excavating for dinosaur bones!
On a dig!
Eventually more help arrived and the boys stopped long enough to 'dress' for the expedition in explorer vests.
Uncovering big bones!
The boys played in a jeep, packing it for an expedition; they went through a cave, they used a microscope, and more. They enjoyed putting together the baby Mastodon.

All done!

Dismantling a tusk.
Our last stop was to the 2nd floor to see the Civil War quilts. 
This time Grandma would have enjoyed going slower but I got to see each quilt so I'm not complaining. The 2nd floor just didn't have much to entertain little guys. 

I'll share some quilts in the next post.

I'd love to go back to the museum sometime and did I mention - besides being wonderful, it was free!

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