Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disappointed but Proud!

We were in Springfield, Illinois last week to watch our son, Brent, receive a promotion on Friday morning.

Thursday evening we (Brent, Emily, Mack, Griffin, Ray, and I) went to Red Lobster for dinner. Very earlier Friday morning, I woke not feeling well. Having experienced this before, I immediately knew that somehow broccoli touched my food on Thursday night either directly or indirectly. 

I have a severe allergy to broccoli. Although bad, my reaction was not as severe as sometimes but it lasted longer than most. The more severe, the faster the toxins are out of my system so this time I spent longer feeling yuk. Without getting graphic, I'll just say that I can lose nine pounds in twenty minutes - it is not a fun diet! I am finally feeling good today but Red Lobster still hasn't contacted me. I'd really like to talk with them about their food handling. Evidently telling the server about my allergy and reiterating it with each item I chose was not enough!

I was very disappointed to miss Brent's ceremony but Ray and Emily both said it was nice - bagpipes and all! I have seen videos and photos - it's just not the same. Nevertheless, we are proud parents.

We have a plaque on our wall that says "Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away." As our children get older, we treasure the chances we get to share their shining moments. 


  1. I'm SO sorry that you missed that special moment. Especially when it could have/should have been easily avoided. :-(

  2. So sorry to hear you missed out and your allergy was not cooperating!! I can very much empathize (totally lactose intolerant here! Same affect, I wager;-() Congrats on the promotion! Hugs, Doreen

    1. Thanks Doreen. I go into anaphylactic shock - not fun. At least Ray, Emily, Mack, and Griffin were at the ceremony - we are all proud of Brent.



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